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PUBLICATION: Birken explores how implementation scientists choose theories for their research

November 9, 2017   |   Rebekah Jacob

Check out this new publication first authored by Fellow Sarah Birken (2014 Cohort) which examined which theories implementation scientists use and the criteria for selecting them.

Top 3 theories used: 1) Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR), 2) Reach Effectiveness Adoption Implementation Maintenance (REAIM), and 3) Diffusion of Innovation.

Most important criterion for selecting theory: 1)Empirical support, 2) Application to a specific setting/population, and 3) Explanatory and power/testability.

Check out the full text article HERE!



Full citation:

Birken, S., Powell, B., Shea, C., Haines, E., Alexis Kirk, M., Leeman, J., Rohweder, C., Damschroder, L. and Presseau, J. (2017). Criteria for selecting implementation science theories and frameworks: results from an international survey. Implementation Science, 12(1).