Jennifer Leng, MD, MPH

Dr. Leng is currently a faculty member in the Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She attended Tufts University School of Medicine where she completed degrees in Medicine and Public Health. Dr. Leng’s research focus is in addressing disparities in health, cancer outcomes, and survivorship, among minority and immigrant patients, with a particular focus on the Chinese population. She has extensive experience working with the Chinese immigrant community. Dr. Leng has worked as a researcher and in clinical practice at the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, which is at the forefront of clinical care, education, and research in the Chinese community. She has also collaborated on several research projects with the American Cancer Society Asian Initiatives, which serves the large Chinese community in Flushing, Queens. Dr. Leng has been the PI for several studies addressing support and survivorship needs in the Chinese community. She is also an Investigator on an NIHMD-funded study, “The Taxi Network” (R24) to develop a robust, enduring, fluid community-based participatory research program with the large New York City (NYC) taxi driver community. As part of this study, Dr. Leng leads a substudy assessing the health needs of Chinese drivers. Dr. Leng also has extensive experience working with other underserved populations, and is the Co-PI for the Partnership Community Outreach-Research-Education (PCORE) Core of the CCNY-MSKCC Partnership for Cancer Research, Training and Community Outreach.