Rebecca Armstrong, PhD, MPH

Rebecca is an Associate Director of Public Health Insight which is based at the University of Melbourne. In this capacity she leads a team that aims to support evidence-informed decision-making. This team incorporates the Cochrane Public Health Group who produce and publish systematic reviews of public health interventions on The Cochrane Library. Rebecca also manages a program of primary research, which seeks to explore effective strategies to support evidence-informed decision-making. She also oversees a program of workforce development for evidence-informed public health and health promotion, which has been delivered more than 10 times in the past few years in Australia. Rebecca has extensive experience in the development of processes for creating evidence summaries with and for decision-makers. She has expertise in the conduct of systematic reviews and the development of new methods to support complex reviews. She also has in-depth understanding of the evidence needs of users and has developed a series of communication mechanisms. Rebecca and has published widely on the role of evidence in public health and health promotion. Rebecca has a PhD, MPH and B AppSci (Nusing/Health Promotion) (Hons).