Sangmi Kim, PhD

Sangmi Kim, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at Augusta University GRU Cancer Center in Augusta, GA. She is a cancer epidemiologist, with expertise in the analysis of complex populations and patient databases, molecular and biochemical biomarkers, and modifiable lifestyle factors, including those that may mediate inflammation. In recent years, she has developed her understanding of, and research interests in the health intervention spectrum (health determinants, health intervention, and Dissemination and Implementation) to contribute to eliminating the health disparities in the community in which she lives and works.

Two major projects are ongoing: (1) A pilot study to evaluate the feasibility of using breast milk to determine postpartum molecular changes in breast tissues associated with breastfeeding and/or psychosocial stress; and (2) A formative research project to develop a combined intervention of breastfeeding promotion and breast cancer awareness education targeted for low-income African American women in rural communities.