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PUBLICATION: Concocting the Magic Elixir: Successful grant application writing in Dissemination and Implementation Research

November 20, 2015   |   Maggie Padek

Our faculty have published an article about their experiences with D&I grant writing. Our thanks to the writers at for their exceptional editing and spell checks. Check out the publication below:


Brownson_DI grant writing_CTSJ_2015



Background: This paper reports core competencies for dissemination and implementation (D&I) grant application writing and provides tips for writing a successful proposal. Methods:  Two related phases were used to collect the data: a card sorting process among D&I researchers and an expert review among a smaller set of researchers. Card sorting was completed by 123 respondents. In the second phase, a series of grant application writing tips were developed based on the combined 170 years of grant review experience of the writing team. Results: The card sorting resulted in 12 core competencies for D&I grant application writing that covered the main sections in a grant application to the US National Institutes of Health: (a) specific aims that provide clear rationale, objectives, and an overview of the research plan; (b)significance that frames and justifies the importance of a D&I question; (c) innovation that articulates novel products and new knowledge; and (d) approach that uses a relevant D&I model, addresses measurement and the D&I context, and includes an analysis plan well-tied to the aims and measures. Conclusions: Writing a successful D&I grant application is a skill that can be learned with experience and attention to the core competencies articulated in this paper.