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Summer Fun in Pasadena!

September 1, 2015   |   Ross Brownson

Sponsored by the NIH, the VA, Kaiser Permanente and the Cancer Research Network the Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (TIDIRH) was held in late July in lovely southern California. Our local host, organizer, and fearless leader was MT-DIRC core faculty member Karen Emmons. Karen and her team provided a fun, engaging and productive week for all student and faculty.

There were many highlights to the week but of particular interest was the session on pragmatic frameworks from Anne Sales.  Anne led the group through several emerging approaches for moving evidence-based innovations into practice (e.g., the ideas of process mapping, practice mapping, and root cause analysis).

Larry Green and Rachel Gold taught us about some critical skills on how to balance fidelity with adaptation.The sessions by Larry and Rachel highlighted both the science and the art of adaption, keeping in mind the real world context for D&I research.

The team of Cindy Vinson, David Chambers and Ken Wells covered the under-studied area of sustainability. The group did an outstanding job of covering not only existing assessment tools, but the gaps and research opportunities.

All-in-all it was a great week that highlighted the vibrancy of the field of D&I research. It is all captured in a song on day 3.

As we look forward to fall, we’ll be talking with you about these and many other issues during upcoming calls.

Cheers to all!!