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GRANT: Skolarus receives R01 to de-implement low value castration in men with prostate cancer
PUBLICATION: MT-DIRC Program Increases D&I Skills
PUBLICATION: Some of MT-DIRC’s finest come together to talk participatory implementation
PUBLICATION: Moore applies Quality Implementation Framework (QIF) to comprehensive school physical activity program
PUBLICATION: Salloum’s new systematic review looks at DCE for stakeholder engagement
PUBLICATION: Birken explores how implementation scientists choose theories for their research
AWARD: Wheeler Honored with UNC’s Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement
GRANT: Davis Receives NCI K07 Award
GRANT: Lee receives NCI R21
PUBLICATION: How Context Matters: A Dissemination and Implementation Primer for Global Oncologists
Fellows Accomplishments keep rolling in
PUBLICATION: Concocting the Magic Elixir: Successful grant application writing in Dissemination and Implementation Research
GRANT: Birken UNC’s CTSA proposal funded
PUBLICATION: Developing educational competencies for dissemination and implementation research training programs: an exploratory analysis using card sorts
GRANT- Nodora- Optimal Approach for Colorectal Cancer Screening and Timely Diagnostic Resolution in a Community Health Center Setting
WEBINAR- SKOLARUS- Applying Models and Frameworks to D&I research: An Overview and Analysis
PUBLICATION- Cragun- Qualitative Comparative Analysis: A Hybrid Method for Identifying Factors Associated with Program Effectiveness
PUBLICATION- Cragun- Comparing Universal Lynch Syndrome Tumor Screening Programs to Evaluate Associations Between Implementation Strategies and Patient Follow-Through
PUBLICATION- Hahn- Use of Imaging for Staging of Early Breast Cancer in Two Integrated Health Care Systems: Adherence with a Choosing Wisely Recommendation
PUBLICATION- Wang- From evidence to impact: Reframing the dissemination challenge
PUBLICATION- Wang- Priorities of Municipal Policymakers in Relation to Physical Activity and the Built Environment: A latent cluster analysis.
POSTER- Cragun- Developing a Guide to Promote Efficient and Effective Implementation of Colorectal Tumor Screening to Identify Patients with Lynch Syndrome
POSTER- Hahn- Identifying Low-Value Cancer Services for Targeted De-Implementation in Two Integrated Health Care System
POSTER- Hahn- Diagnosing Implementation Gaps in the Treatment of Patients with Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
POSTER- Skolarus- Who Uses What Model? Assessing Models for Dissemination and Implementation Research Using Citation Analysis
PRESENTATION-Cragun presents at the American College of Medical Genetics Annual Conference Short Course
PRESENTATION- Nodora presents at UCSD- An Introduction to Dissemination & Implementation Research
PRESENTATION- Hahn- Use of Imaging for Staging of Early Breast Cancer in Two Integrated Health Care Systems
PRESENTATION- Ramandhan- Participatory Research to Support Knowledge Translation in Communities
PRESENTATION- Developing Dissemination and Implementation Competencies for Training Programs
PRESENTATION- Ramandhan-Creating Evidence-based Change in Communities
PRESENTATION- Birken- What Does D&I Have to Do with CER?
PRESENTATION- Cragun- It Takes a Village: Implementation of Tumor Screening for Lynch Syndrome
PRESENTATION- Cragun- Theoretical Application to Public Health Issues
PRESENTATION- Cragun-The Value of Dissemination and Implementation